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We see as integral parts of this school: provision of a strong, college–preparatory education to our students; relationships with our families; seeking of strengths in every student; high behavioral expectations; and staff who are devoted to the Lord, to their callings, the school, and their own families. We seek to serve our families by educating children with a focus on Christ in all things, and in modeling what it means to be a Christian to each other, to our students, their families, and the community. All of this we endeavor through the unique and interesting testimonies, personalities, strengths, talents, and victories in Christ of each staff member of our school, in conjunction with the student, family, and community of believers. We consider OCS a helper to the family in providing a sound education, strong moral character, and Christian example. 


All teachers must be professionals who have exhibited all the characteristics above as well as a gift of teaching.  Every staff member must give testimony of their own Christian walk and be eager to share their faith with their students and others. Every staff member is expected to have their heart set on Christ and doing all things as unto the Lord.


Odessa Christian School is a nondenominational school that belongs to the Lord and is accountable to Him. We recognize that everything that happens at OCS reflects on the body of Christ. Thus, a goal of this school is to train youth in the principles of Christian leadership, self-discipline, individual responsibility, teamwork, personal integrity, and good citizenship. We stand with boldness for the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and the highest standards of morality and Christian behavior. This includes well-defined boundaries regarding expected and unacceptable behavior and consistent rules combined with discipline administered with love. As God’s servants, every Odessa Christian School staff member must reflect God’s love and His care in dealing with students’ joys, struggles, and accomplishments. We believe the Bible teaches that God gives the responsibility for the training of children to their parents, and it is our goal at OCS to assist and support parents, without replacing them, in carrying out this all-important responsibility.


It is also the goal of OCS to provide a therapeutic school environment where students are greeted by creation and the works of God’s hand at every opportunity, where they can see and experience firsthand the objective they are learning. Students should look forward to coming to school here, and staff members are expected to have a cheerful and loving approach to teaching. Staff and students should be able to rejoice, for “this is the day the Lord has made”.  We are committed to having a safe and comfortable learning environment where students are held to stated standards and expectations, and they are also appreciated and respected. We safeguard that environment through prayer, godly action, and a firm Scriptural foundation. 

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