Position on Common Core State Standards

There is much being publicized, argued about, and said regarding the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Ultimately, however, these standards are becoming very prevalent in our educational community, and it is important for the Christian to be aware and cognizant of them to be able to make informed choices and to be wise in our approach to them. 


In general, it is not the standards themselves that are the concern, but how they are taught, how they are assessed, and the political implications of essentially removing from the states and families who attend public schools the right to choose their own curricula, methods, and assessments. Essentially, the widespread adoption of one single set of standards affects not only the students in the school using these standards, but also the students who must, for lack of a better term, "compete" with these same students. 


Thus, at OCS, we have determined, in agreement with ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International), our membership agency, that it is wise to be aware of these standards for the sake of our students, and then, to be certain that all teaching continues to come from an unflinchingly biblical worldview. 


To read more on ACSI's Position Paper on the CCSS, click here



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