Available only until 8/1717: Permission Form for Charging Food Items

Please click the image to the right to let us know if you will allow your child to charge food items at school this year. Alternatively, you can click the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/2JlB7PFHhWNhpVbz2


This form closes 8/17/17 at 5:00 pm, so please complete the very short form before then! 


Thank you!

Lunch Orders

Click the "School Lunch" image to the left to place your child's lunch order electronically!


Please complete this form no later than Thursday at 10:00 am for the coming week. At that time, all responses will be collected and tallied for that week, and items will be ordered accordingly. Order forms submitted after 10:00 am on Thursdays will not be included for the following week. 


NOTE: At this time, we cannot take orders for lunches more than one week in advance. 


Order totals will be added to your monthly bill, payable on the first of the month. 


Students may purchase items the "day of" if desired, however, item availability cannot be guaranteed without an order form. 


Please remember that there are no sodas of any kind permitted on the K-8 campus except those purchased at OCS. This is to avoid caffeinated drinks as much as possible during the school day. 


Beverages, granola bars, candy, and chips may ONLY be purchased from vending machines (cash required). 


Italian ice, when offered, can be purchased with cash or billed to the family's account (if parent/guardian has authorized this via permission form). 


HIGH SCHOOL NOTE: High school students may order Subway, grill items, pizza (for Fridays when HS students are not away on field learning or service), as well as, for Wednesdays and Thursdays only, items from the "hot" and "cold" sections. Please make your sections carefully. 


Students who are absent and miss their lunch will be not be charged for items except for Subway items, which will be held until the next school day for the student. If the student is still absent, or does not want the sandwich, it will be given or thrown away. 


Click the "School Lunch" icon above or the link below to submit a lunch order for your student:


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