Field Trips

Fun, Exciting. Out of school. Good for learning?


That’s right! Field trips are an incredible educational tool so often forgotten in all levels of the school arena. But at Odessa Christian School, we have studied the value of well-planned field trips and teachers incorporate these trips into the regular educational experience.


“Good field trips bring lessons to life,” says Gabriella Boll, a leader in south Florida field trip planning and organization. Field trips are valuable tools when integrated into the lesson plan, with lessons supporting the field trip both before and after the event.


An increase in the desire to learn, an increase in acquired knowledge and skills, and a favorable disposition toward the subject area are some benefits that have been found with regard to field trips. Students also look forward to a “change in scenery,” generating anticipation and higher levels of motivation in working toward the upcoming date. Sometimes one of the best things a student can learn is that learning can be fun!


From a trip to a local park, to the nearby fire station, to a visit to an animal shelter, there is so much at out fingertips that we can utilize to boost the effectiveness of classroom education and further enable our students to be the best that they can be for the Lord. 


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