Elementary (Grades 1-5) Curricula


Textbook Publisher/Materials

Grade Levels Used

Language Arts

   Including phonics, 


   instructional reading, writing,

   spelling, and vocabulary






McRuffy Language Arts

Royal Fireworks Press*






Read-alouds, children’s literature, and

     curriculum-supplied readers

Children’s literature, non-fiction, etc.


K – 2

3 – 5




K - 3




2 – 5

History/Social Studies

Liberty’s Kids

America’s Story

K – 2

3 - 5


Storybook STEM

Sassafras Science

K - 2

3 - 5


Kids of Integrity

K – 5



K – 5

*Royal Fireworks Press was developed primarily for use in classes with high ability and gifted learners. We have found, as has the publisher, that it is well-suited for most students.


In addition, every grade in K – 5 employs projects, outdoor learning and exploration activities, and other creative aspects of learning. All students in grades K – 5 have weekly enrichment courses, such as PE, art, agriculture, and library time. All elementary students have outdoor recess daily (weather permitting). Students take responsibility throughout the week of our goats and chickens.  Students experience at least two field trips throughout the year.


All students in grade K-5 take achievement testing (NWEA/MAP) three times per year. Elementary students participate in competitions throughout the year as available. Examples include the following:


  • Scripp’s National Spelling Bee
  • Writing competitions
  • Art competitions


Students in grades 3 through 5 (and into middle and high school) are evaluated for advanced math placement and those who are selected may move ahead in math as they are capable and as approved by the administration.


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