In middle and high school, the variety and depth of learning tools and resources increases, as does the level of personal responsibility for students. With this responsiblity comes great opportunity for growth as the Lord leads each one through a rugged path of discovering how to make wise and discerning decisions that yield tangible results. While achievement is exciting, students also discover, perhaps more importantly, the grit and perseverance needed to learn deeply. Along the way, through continued practice and application, students grow in their ability to collaborate, discuss Socratically, and give and receive constructive and meaningful feedback. All these components yield more than academic knowledge: Through this, the Lord guides, corrects, and teaches each individual heart. 

Upper School (Grades 6-12) Curriculum

Subject Area Curricular Resources

IXL, NoRedInk, CommonLit, Royal Fireworks Press, other resources

Poetry Foundation

4 + novels/pieces of literature per year

Math Khan Academy, Sadlier Oxford, etc.
History/Social Studies Bright Ideas Press, Notgrass, Case Method Institute (Harvard Business School), Dave Ramsey, Gilder Lehrman Institute, Bill of Rights Institute, NHD, UF, primary source documents, others
Science Apologia, Project WILD, Project WET, Priceless Florida, others
Bible The Bible, Positive Action for Christ, Apologia, Books of the Bible, various authors (Blackaby, Giglio, Lewis, etc.) 
Foreign Language IXL, others (depending on language)

All middle and high schoolers partipate in Genius Hour - a weekly block period where  students pursue unique and open-ended learning tracks. From robotics to sewing, creative writing to gardening - students are able to dig deep into areas of learning they might not normally have an opportunity to explore in their regular school day. 


All students in grades 6-12 take achievement tests (NWEA MAP Growth) 3 times per year. Students in grade 9 are strongly encouraged to take the PSAT, while students in grades 10 and 11 are required to do so. Juniors and seniors are required to take the SAT or ACT at least once during each academic year. 


The OCS high school program meets or exceeds all Bright Futures requirements for students planning to attend a Florida college or university. Students also have the opportunity to particpate in traditional and advanced college preparatory learning tracks to help them prepare for the plans the Lord has for them in the future. 



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