Scholarships Available to ALL Florida Students:

K-12 students regardless of household income, who are residents of Florida and eligible to enroll in a K-12 public school, can receive a scholarship worth an average of $7,800 to attend a private school that best meets their academic needs. These scholarships are called "FTC" and "FES-EO," and they are administered by two scholarship funding organizations in Florida: Step Up for Students and AAA Scholarship Foundation. 

Families may apply for the FTC/FES-EO scholarships by visiting either funding organization's websites, linked below. 

Scholarships Available to Students with Unique Situations:

The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (FES-UA) enables families to personalize the education of their students by directing funds to where they’re needed most. The funds can be used for a combination of programs and approved expenses including therapists, specialists, curriculum, private school, a college savings account and more. 


This scholarship is available only to students who qualify according to specific criteria, which can be viewed on the scholarship funding organizations' websites, linked below. 


Note: OCS does not provide formal accommodations or modifications to it learning programs. 


Step Up for Students



AAA Scholarship Foundation

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