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Odessa Christian School is a private, Jesus-focused school that has a learner-driven community with the mission that each person who enters its doors will find a calling and change the world. We combine elements of Montessori with Socratic guiding, problem/project-based learning, public speaking, field learning (trips), and intentional use of technology. Underlying our method is an understanding and application of Biblical truth and a growth mindset, creating a lively learning environment that feels more like an experience than school.


At OCS, we utilize Montessori-influenced mixed-aged classrooms called studios (an elementary studio, a middle school studio, and a high school studio) with a self-paced learning design as opposed to individual grade levels. Our real-world-oriented projects and learning goals yield personal growth for each student through the practices of peer collaboration, problem-solving skills, application of feedback, and challenges from faculty to strive to never stop learning. Students demonstrate their learning through a combination of independent and collaborative projects and assignments, regular public exhibitions and presentations, while test scores and grades are seen as secondary (though present) indicators of success. In all areas of learning and life, our students are encouraged to seek the Lord first and to then walk in His ways, through perseverance and commitment, to maximize their learning.


All staff members of OCS are mature Christians with a love for teaching and learning, as well as a desire to serve God and students at Odessa Christian School. All employees are also fingerprinted and cleared through the State of Florida, Florida Educators’ Database, and the FBI.  In addition, classroom volunteers are screened through the FDLE and FBI.

Current Openings

Substitute Teacher Position:

This teacher is responsible for being on call to substitute in a variety of classes and grade levels at OCS. If at all possible, this person will be contacted in advance (for planned teacher absences), however, many sub calls are last minute as a result of unplanned absence. 


Requirements are as follows:

  • Faith: Demonstrate and possess a genuine, contagious faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Minimum education type: Bachelor's degree preferred, however, applicants with a lesser degree may be considered for a substitute position
  • Experience: Substitute teaching, teaching, coaching, or group ministry experience highly preferred
  • Character traits: Joyfulness, perseverance, grit, integrity, desire to continually grow
  • Overall: Be ENTHUSIASTIC and LOVE teaching! Teaching at OCS also requires a love of people in general, and that one be willing to take class outside and explore creation all around us on a regular basis.

Compensation: $125 full day, $15/hour for partial day

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